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E-Book Formatting

My e-books are built from scratch using HTML and CSS. No shortcuts and no conversion software involved. This ensures that files are clean, functional, and customizable. Hand-built e-books also produce more Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) per word than e-books formatted using third-party software.

What You Get

You'll receive ready-to-upload .epub and .mobi files. All e-books include the following features:

  • responsive, flowable layout that fits all device and screen sizes
  • properly formatted headings, structure, spacing, alignment, and indentation
  • custom, hyperlinked table of contents
  • correct typographical symbols (like en dashes and em dashes)
  • custom fonts for headings


Word Count Rate (USD)
Under 50,000 $60.00
50,001-100,000 $90.00
100,001-150,000 $115.00
150,001-200,000 $135.00
Over 200,000 Contact me!

These rates apply to text-heavy books like novels. If your book requires complex formatting with multiple heading styles, several graphics or images, tables, bullet lists, and so on, please contact me for a free quote.

Bundle any format with an editing service and receive 20% off the formatting price. You can read about my editing services here

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